Noah Schwartz

Monday, January 23, 2006

Big Growth, Little Man

A whole lot of growth has taken place in the past month. Noah is becoming more verbal (last week was "Lou" and the world's cutest "uhhh-ohhh") and more independent. When he wants a light turned on/off (his obsession of the moment) he moves a chair or stool next to the wall. I can now manage to shovel up to half of the driveway in his pressence - he cruises around with his little shovel making designs and cleaning off small sections, only to cover them back up and make new ones. Before it took all of my energy just to keep him out of the street. And he's become the biggest helper. Just this evening, while helping me re-install the filters for the heat registers, he ran all on his own to get the little vacuum cleaner to clean up the mess that his Poppa had made. I'm amazed at every turn.

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