Noah Schwartz

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

King of Tools

Noah has been enjoying helping his folks with any task they may have. Let it be fixing the garbage disposal, folding laundry, cooking, clearing the table, or fixing door handles. He is always at the ready, and usually with his tools. A few weeks ago a repair man was on the roof fixing a leak and he and his Mom were watching from the driveway. After a few minutes he darted inside the house. Moments later he came back outside with his tool kit, ready to lend a hand.

The falling snow looks beautiful. We are about to head to NY to share Thanksgiving with the Schwartz clan. We intend on sharing pictures soon after the holiday.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Monday, November 14, 2005


Our little man is nearing 17 months. It's a hard age to explain to the non-parents of the world. At 15 months he was "a year and a third" and not too long ago he was "a year and a quarter." But now I guess it's simplest to say "almost a year and a half." But as any person who has spent a good amount of time with a wee one surely knows, there are plenty of changes that take place over a short period of time that the vagueness seems inappropriate. Especially when it's your own child.

Noah is just starting to use his words. Two weeks ago when he and Elizabeth left to visit his southern side of the family, he was just able to say "momma," "dada," "lulu" (favorite stuffed friend) and "wow." Seven days later he had words for door, keys, cheese, ball, up, grandpa, hello and phone. It is amazing and wonderful to see him express himself. I'm awestruck at how quickly he changes. Elizabeth told me this evening that he doesn't become a "toddler" until 18 months. That may be the case, but I'm not sure what it's called when I see his baby-hood quickly becoming a memory and he's only 506 days old.