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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Great Moments

The "little moments" are the ones that the true joys of parenthood present themselves so eloquently. They are not typically the moments in front of the Christmas tree decked in our holiday finest, but instead the silly grin after a new discovery or the wild step of a fancy-footed dancer on the living room floor. Just tonight I was a part of one of those fantastic moments. Noah just had a bath and part of his bedtime routine includes me trying to put lotion on his ever-chapped rosy cheeks. However, tonight Noah turned the tables on me and as we sat together on the bathroom floor, he skillfully opened the top of the lotion canister and lovingly began to rub the lotion on my face. He had such a tender look on his face as he "helped" his mama. When my face was thoroughly covered (and sticky) he closed the cap and went to climb into bed.

This might not seem so momentous to an on looker, but it is the caring nature of Noah that we love so much and it was also my own ability to let go of what was "suppose" to happen and embrace this loving moment given to me by my son. A beautiful writer once wrote:

The moments I hold most dear are those that arise unbidden in the course of any day-small, evanescent, scarcely worth noticing except for the fact that I am being offered, just for a second, a glimpse into another's soul.

So if my experience as a mother this far has taught me anything, it is to simply sit back and enjoy the love of the daily rhythms that living with a toddler provides.

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